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Immersive 3D Audio Ambiences & Effects

for podcasts, radio, web, games, and TV in
Stereo (Binaural) and 3rd order Ambisonics

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Fully Immersive



Extremely high realism –

also in binaural (stereo) format


Binaural (“Stereo”) Version

Use as any traditional

stereo ambience

3rd Order Recordings


High precision in

source localisation

3 Ambience Types


Moving and changing

ambiences plus effects


Directly Loopable



Static ambiences can be

repeated with 30 ms crossfades

Two Level Options



Equal peak or

equal gain

Extended Low Frequency Spectrum

LF is crucial for

ambience realism


Internationally Usable

Applicable for many

countries and regions

Adequate Durations

Long durations to cover

most needs


Matching Ambiences


Build coherent scenes

with matching ambiences


Metadata Tagged

Files are categorised and

support popular metadata formats

Exterior Photos


See what you’re hearing

in Static ambiences







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What is 3D Audio?

In short, when recorded audio contains more spatial information than simple stereo, we can call it “3D Audio”. Or we can use one of the related terms “Ambisonics” and “Immersive Audio”. The main difference to stereo is that stereo only provides information to localise sound sources in the horisontal plane from left to right, while 3D audio in addition includes front-to-back and/or down-to-up information.

This means that 3D audio files greatly increase the sense of envelopment and realism of audio productions. This is especially true for so-called “higher order recordings” (read more here), for two reasons: Firstly, they make it possible to locate sounds much more precisely when listening. Secondly, they increase the sense of actually “being there”.



What is Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences?

Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) is a growing library of 3D audio ambiences and 3D sound effects for immediate download. We intend to cover the most often needed ambiences (and a smaller number of single sound effects) for a broad range of projects.

We record all ambiences to 3rd order Ambisonics format (Higher Order Ambisonics, HOA) and make them available as

  • 16-channel 3rd order ambisonic files for Ambisonic projects
  • binaural (stereo) immersive files ready to use in stereo projects

You can purchase the two file types together in the Ambisonic packages, or as binaural only in the binaural packages.

Read more about the library and Ambisonics here.


10 new Packages released!

June 17, 2020 Today, Munk Productions released ten new packages in the new Ambisonic Ambiences library (MPAA). The Static type was updated with “Static Leisure 1” and “Static Urban 1” and their accompanying smaller Mini and Add-on versions. These releases provide 100 ultra-realistic, pro-quality ambiences for immediate use in podcasts, games, radio and tv productions […]

4 new Packages released!

May 20, 2020 Today, Munk Productions premiered the Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambience library with the first four audio packages. The library brings 3D audio to anyone producing podcasts, games, radio, tv or web content, both in traditional stereo format projects, or the more complex Ambisonic format projects. And, being recorded and produced in 3rd order […]

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