Munk Productions is owned and operated by Christian Munk.

I have worked professionally with audio production for more than two decades, both in the private industry as well as in the public one (DR, Danish Broadcasting Corp.).

The many years and broad variety of projects has enabled me to gain a high degree of experience in all the service areas I provide. This ensures the continued high quality of productions, which in turn keeps me busy year after year.

I chose a fully digital solution for my studio for a number of reasons, primarily the ability to "instant recall" previous projects and immediately continue working on them, but also for reasons of space and maintenance.
I therefore work exclusively in DAWs, in particular Logic Pro X for music productions, Reaper for Ambisonic projects, and Pro Tools 12 for other audio productions.
My extensive library of instruments and effects is always kept up-to-date with the latest versions and newest releases.
I monitor exclusively on Dynaudio monitors in a highly acoustically treated control room.

Though currently fully digital, tape is a consideration for final mixing, should the need arise.

Since my professional guide is the words "I am not happy until my customer is happy", I guarantee the creative and musical content of all that I provide.


Christian Munk

Owner and producer Christian Munk in the Munk Productions studio