3D Audio Production

Do you want to give the headphone or ear bud wearing listener a completely enveloping experience? Ambisonics is an old technique which has been revived. Upgrade your podcast from stereo at Munk Productions.


Having a completely enveloping audio experience makes the listening experience much more physical - you feel like you're actually there. That you're together with those who talk. And it provides ultra-realistic ambiences.

There's no need for special equipment at the listener. Just a pair of headphones or earbuds - which, incidentally, is the way most people enjoy e.g. podcasts today.

In the production phase you need ambisonic microphone setups, software and experience - and Munk Productions provide all that.

Do your next podcast in 3D Audio. You bring the idea, and you get the finishes production with you as an ordinary stereo file. When listened to on speakers, it gives the listener an ordinary stereo experience (albeit with highly realistic ambiences). And when listened to in headphones, it provides the full 3D experence to the listener.