Voice Production

Need a voice-over for your commercial, podcast or tv show?
Want to sing but have no-one to record, edit and mix it?
Got a Danish VO but need it done in English - or vice-versa?

Munk Productions provides a high-quality male voice in Danish, British English or American English. You may get raw, unprocessed audio files or choose to have them edited and processed to fit your needs.

If vocal production is what you're looking for, Munk Productions have years of experience and the right tools for advanced vocal editing and processing. You may want a slightly corrected vocal, or one that has been edited to pitch and time perfection. Solo vocals as well as large backing sessions, all is possible.

Translation of voice-overs, including recording, editing and processing, is part of our services. You may supply voice talent yourself, or use that supplied by Munk Productions (this is a male voice).

Depending on source material and the actual project, work is carried out in Logic Pro X or Pro Tools 12. Both projects in these formats as well as raw audio files are accepted.