Scene Photos of Static Ambiences

As an extra visual help tool we've photographed each exterior Static ambience location in Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) at the time of recording.

These photos are available in the Static packages and exterior Single Static Ambiences. You'll find a folder inside the package/zip file called "Photos". Here, each scene of each ambience has two JPG files:

  • filename_front.jpeg
  • filename_rear.jpeg

The filename is the same as that of the audio file.

While the photos are just quick snapshots and certainly won't win any prizes (remember, we're audio specialists, not photographers!), they do show what the microphone "sees" in front of and behind it. And all faces, names and logos are blurred out to protect privacy and copyrights.

A few locations don't have a photo due to

  • nature of the agreement with the owner of the location (copyright and marketing issues)
  • low light conditions
  • lost picture we couldn't take again - yes, that happened! And we're sorry, but of course we kept the audio - after all, audio is (nearly) the most important thing in the world!

You'll also find a few photos that weren't taken at the time of recording - but the location is correct!



Recording location as seen by the front of the microphone
Front picture of a Static ambience


Recording location as seen by the back of the microphone
Rear picture of the same ambience location