About Ambisonic Ambiences

This is a collection of valuable information about Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) – even though nobody likes to read the manual!


General information

The purpose of MPAA is to provide as many users as possible immediately usable immersive ambiences for podcasts, radio programmes, video games and TV productions in both Stereo and Ambisonic formats.

We concentrate on recording and producing ambiences that, from our experience, most people need. Occasionally, a soundscape is just too good not to be recorded, even though it may not be something, most will need. These may be useful for sound design or special purposes. Besides that, we don’t go for unusual or esoteric ambiences in general.

You can listen to a preview of each package containing 3 second clips of each sound file to get a feeling for, if a package is useful for you. These are found on individual package pages.


Specific information

To get the most out of searching and using the ambiences, here are the most important topics you should know about:

Ambience types
Gains and levels
Categorisation and Metadata
Binaural files


And this is the “nice to know” information:

Ambisonic order
Internationalisation and Locales
Frequency spectrum
Scene photos