125 New Additions: Sports, Air Travel, Southern Atmospheres, and more…

August 26, 2021


Southern holiday atmospheres, air travel, and sports crowds are some of the highlights of the latest additions to Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences. We added 125 new 3D audio recordings – take a look here:


Southern Atmospheres

A warm climate produces its own unique soundscapes. Cicadas and crickets are typical producers of sound, and many people take the opportunity to enjoy themselves in outdoor restaurants and bars – or take a dive in the swimming pools. It’s pure party & water!

Swimming PoolIn 60 of our latest additions you’ll find

  • Cicadas and Crickets
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Party atmospheres
  • Lots of people
  • Holiday atmospheres

Outdoor Bar in Southern Europe

Use search terms like “cicadas”, “swimming pool”, “party”, “bar”, etc. on the Single Ambiences page to quickly find these 3D audio Ambiences.


Air Travel

The Transportation category is updated with 12 Ambiences covering

  • Taxi, Take-off, Flight, and Landing in Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft
  • Airport atmospheres

To easily find these, use the search terms “air travel” and “airport”on the Single Ambiences page.



You will now find the first of a series of sports related Ambiences. We kick off with football (soccer) in a large 38000-seater stadium.

38000-seater Stadium

We’ve produced 27 Ambiences and shorter single effect audio files  with an audience of about 31200 highly active fans:

  • Pre-match atmosphere
  • Match atmosphere
  • Post-match atmosphere
  • Reactions to near misses, goals, saves, and more

In addition to this, you’ll find outdoor bar recordings of 200-300 people watching an important football international with reactions to goals, near misses, and more.

You can find these Ambiences by entering “sports” or “football” as search terms on the Single Ambiences page.


Other new Ambiences

As always, we have a selection of various other new Ambiences in the update:

  • Waiting Hall
  • Sparrow Chicks
  • Railway Track Laying Machine
  • Air Raid Siren Test
  • Streams & Waves
  • Rain & Thunder
  • Canteen (or Cafeteria)
  • Fastfood Restaurant
  • Interior Swimming Pool

Find these using the above words as search terms on the Single Ambiences page.


All 125 new Ambiences are available now from the Single Ambiences page for preview and download. Later, some of them will be included in new Packages as well.

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