Direct Looping

Listen to an audio example and a description of how Static ambiences can be looped directly (use headphones)

Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) do not contain audible fade-ins or fade-outs. Many, if not all, other libraries available do. We consider the fades to be wasted audio, because

  • fade durations are usually not of the length you need
  • audio during fades is often unusable
  • it's not possible to place copies of the file directly after each other to prolong the ambience

Well, in fact we do edit the recordings with a short 2 ms fade-in and fade-out to avoid clicking. In a perfect world, these 2 ms would remain in the mastered audio file, but due to the way rendering works in Reaper, we end up with an approximately 23 ms long fade-in, while the fade-out retains its 2 ms length.

Then, by careful editing we make our Static ambiences directly loopable. That means you can repeat any Static ambience as many times as you like simply by placing copies in direct succession and applying a short 30 ms crossfade. They will then blend together perfectly.

A very small number of Static ambiences are not directly loopable due to the nature of their content. This usually happens with very complex ambiences, where several independent audio sources operate at irregular intervals, making it impossible to find a location in the audio where the sound is the same as in another location. These are noted in the files' description, and normally you can fix it yourself by finding an appropriate location to make a longer crossfade.


What about Actions and Transitions?

In almost all cases it makes no sense to loop a Transition. After all, you've just moved from a garden to a parking lot! But many Transitions that share starting or ending points (for example, driving in car from Garden "A" to a parking lot, then back again to Garden "A") will sound so much the same at these points, that you can almost loop them directly. A small crossfade will do it.

Action effects are, by their nature, not something you'd normally want to loop. If an ambience just finished preparing dinner, there's not much sense in preparing the same dinner again! If, however, you should find yourself needing it, just use an appropriate crossfade.