Munk Productions' customers own the right to present their productions in public, and we respect that right. Therefore you currently won't find any audio examples of full customer productions on this site.

However, if there's something particular you'd like to hear an example of, contact us.



In 2015, the promo "Spot P4 Fonk" was nominated for a Prix Radio Award in the Promotions category.

In 2016, the promo "P1 - Mere at tale om" was nominated for a Prix Radio Award as part of the "P1 - Mere at tale om" campaign in the Campaigns category.

In 2020, the promo "Spot P4 Fonk" was nominated for a Prix Radio Award in the Promotions category.

In 2021, the promo "Spot DR3 Min Kamp" was nominated for a Prix Audio Award in the Promotions category.

In 2022 Munk Productions won the award for "Best Promo of the Year (Program Promotion or Commercial)" with the radio promo for the DR2 TV program "Nul Stjerner" ("Zero Stars"), produced in cooperation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


Below you may jump down and listen to voice demos, or see our list of satisfied and often returning customers.


AM Production


AWG2016 (Arctic Winter Games)

Danpartner ApS

Deadline Games ApS

DR (Danish Broadcasting Corp.)

Enevold Teaterproduktion

Gobsmack Productions A/S


IC Company


Immergut ApS

Jensen & Kompagni

KNR (Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, Greenland Broadcasting Corp.)

Mastiff Media ApS

Meeho! ApS

Metronome Productions A/S

My Way Music ApS

Phaseit ApS

Produktionsbolaget Munck AB

Radio ABC

Radio Silkeborg


Rønne Egnstheater

Smashhit Production

TV2 Danmark A/S

Vermø A/S

Voice demos

A few examples of Munk Productions‘ (currently only) male voice. To book it, check here.


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