Locales and Internationalisation

Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) are, in general, internationalised. Basically, this means that

  • easily detectable language (in voices) is avoided, or
  • multiple languages are present

This is done through careful choice of recording location and, occasionally, editing.

You will either hear no easily detectable language in the ambiences. Or you will hear several languages, so that no one nationality dominates.

Also, you generally won't find coherent conversations or loud statements, as these will distract the listener from whatever foreground action you place on top of the ambiences. And, of course, this also protects the privacy of ordinary citizens.


Recording location with blurred out faces and logos
Ambiences for places like this are internationalised


About locales and locations

Of course, not all ambiences will be applicable to all parts of the Planet. After all, a forest in a northern region like northern US, Canada, Northern Europe or Northern Asia doesn't sound like a rain forest in Brazil.

Cities and towns also vary, based mainly on region, in how they sound. For example, in some warmer climates than Northern Europe, you'll find that drivers use the car's horn more often than they do elsewhere. We don't know why, it's just an observation!

So, to make sure you get the ambiences that are right for your production's locale

  • listen to the previews of each package before purchasing. You can find the previews on the pages of individual packages, or
  • listen to the previews of individual Ambiences in full length on the Single Ambiences page

And remember, this library is growing. Ambiences from other regions are planned for later inclusion.

Information about region is present in each file's description, whenever this is relevant. In practice, it is relevant for outdoor (exterior) recordings where particularly animal life plays a role. Find more information on file naming, descriptions and other metadata on the metadata page.

If you need recordings from locales that are not yet available, either wait as they might be added in future releases - or better, write us to let us know, what you're missing. We will evaluate your request and hopefully find it possible to add it - depending on where and what. You will always get an answer either way.