NEW Designed Ambiences: Halloween, Ghosts, Dungeons, and Extreme Weather

June 25, 2021


After months of hard work we can finally unveil the new, exciting Designed Ambiences of the Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) library! With these we can provide you with scenes that are easy to imagine but impossible to record – in real life, that is. We can also provide you with far more versions of each, making it easier for you to find an Ambience that fits your needs. And finally, we can provide you with scenes that may, in theory, be possible to record, but are either rare or extremely difficult to record in a professional quality. And all that in Ambisonic and binaural 3D glory!

We launch the new subtype with 90 Ambiences covering haunted locations, extreme weather, and dungeons. That means ghost, apparitions, thunderstorms with cloudbursts, howling winds, and rattling shackles in moist caves. There’s plenty of movement in all three dimensions, as ghosts and zombies close right in on the listener, while dead souls breathe right into the ear. We created the long reverberations in the dark dungeons with our own Ambisonic IR reverb recordings to create just the right enveloping experience.

The many different versions of some scenes, particularly the haunted ones, give you variations from pure over-the-top Halloween craziness to the eerie, subtle feeling of “something’s not right” you get from a few sounds, that just shouldn’t be there.

The Designed Ambiences is a subtype of the existing MPAA types, so you get Designed Static, Designed Action, and Designed Transition effects, supplanting the recorded Static, Action and Transition effects.


50 of the new Ambiences are available in the new Designed Static Haunted & Horror 1/Designed Static Haunted & Horror 1 Mini/Designed Static Haunted & Horror 1 Add-on packages. Here we collected the supernatural Ambiences of the new “Haunted & Horror” category, providing you with all versions of each scene in one easy download.



All 90 Designed Ambiences are available for you to preview and download individually on the Single Ambiences page.

MPAA is a growing library, and more Designed Ambiences (and recorded ones as well) will be added in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date with new additions.

If you would like to know how to use Designed Ambiences in your DAW, or how we created them, head over to the About Designed Ambiences page.

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