13 new Packages released!

February 21, 2021


This week we added 13 new Packages to the Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambiences (MPAA) library. The content, which you can also find on the Single Ambiences page, is now available in these Packages:



Static Starter 2/Static Starter 2 Mini/Static Starter 2 Add-on – a selection of 50 static Ambiences across all categories. The exterior recordings of SS2 were recorded during spring and summer, so the Package combines nicely with Static Starter 1’s autumn and winter content to provide a good starting point for a wide variety of audio productions.




Static Urban 3/Static Urban 3 Mini/Static Urban 3 Add-on – 50 static Ambiences which, as the title suggests, all have urban sounds in common. Some a nature-like, others are more true urban in character – but always with sounds created by humans in one form or another. The Package’s exterior recordings span all four seasons, each with their own characteristic soundscapes.




Action Starter 1/Action Starter 1 Add-on – 50 action Ambiences selected from all categories. In MPAA “Action” means recordings with sequences of actions, or specific, single sound sources recorded on their own in a 3D environment. These two Packages accompany the existing Action Starter 1 Mini Package to complete the AS1 collection.




Action Non-Domestic 1/Action Non-Domestic 1 Mini/Action Non-Domestic 1 Add-on – 50 action Ambiences from all categories except Domestic. Here you’ll find some specialties, like recordings from caves and a sewer, along with a selection of audience effects like applause and laughter.




Transition Starter 1/Transition Starter 1 Add-on – the existing Mini Package is now augmented with these two, bringing the total count to 50 transition Ambiences. These bring you moving recordings from all categories with content like bike rides, bus/train/metro/car rides, skiing, cave walking – even moving underwater bathtub recordings with bubbles right next to your ear!



The full size Packages each contain all 50 Ambiences, while the Mini Package contains 20 of those 50, and the Add-on Package the remaining 30.

All Packages are available for immediate download in both Binaural and Ambisonic 3rd order versions – check the Packages page.

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