Action Starter 1

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50 Immersive Action Ambiences

Actions and effects from the Domestic House, Domestic Garden, Fjord, Park, Church, Field, Forest, Cave, City, Car, Stairwell
with raking, lopping, hammering, sawing, digging, grinding, door opening/closing, showering, eating, cooking, vacuuming, washing machine, cat, applause, walking, bee, climbing, trains, car ride, truck, fireworks, and more.

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The package gives you actions and effects in 3D. Check out the cave action, recorded in both a man-made and a natural cave with streams and reverberation.
You also get the sounds of a cat, purring and enjoying a delicious meal!

About the package

This is a Starter package featuring a selection of ambiences from the themed packages. You can typically find different versions of the same or similar scenes in the themed packages – along with these files. Now, we don’t want you to pay twice for the same material. Therefore, Starter packages earn you extra discount points towards purchasing the individual themed packages. The discount is credited to your account, if you create one, where you can always check your accumulated discount.

About the content

Recorded in three different domestic houses and a number of exterior locations during all four seasons, these action sequences and their sound sources provide you with audio to use both as descriptive ambiences for many different narratives, and as single sound sources in 3D surroundings.
The 50, highly realistic ambiences of Action Starter 1 are ready to add 3D action to your production.
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1Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_Autumn_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn, back garden, collecting leaves, leaves rustling, electric train passing above, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:38Action
2Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, angle grinder, grinding concrete, footsteps, faint voices, faint dog, -4 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0345-0347.3:09Action
3Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, digging dirt around concrete block with shovel, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0344-0347 and MPAA0349.1:47Action
4Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, digging dirt with a fork, footsteps, distant birds (tits), very faint voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0352.1:24Action
5Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, hammering on concrete, debris flying off, footsteps, faint voices, faint pigeon, -2 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0344-0347.1:48Action
6Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter,lopping branches with a lopper, branches falling to the ground, footsteps, very faint children's voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:22Action
7Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, raking and conditioning soil with a rake, footsteps, very distant children, distant car passing, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0353.2:14Action
8Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_AutumnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, sawing medium sized branch off a tree with a handsaw, branch falling to the ground, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:50Action
9Domestic / ExteriorGarden 'A'Domestic_Ext_GardenA_Summer_
Domestic, Exterior, Garden 'A', Summer, front garden, lighting old-fashioned charcoal barbecue, birds, dogs, pedestrians passing on the street, voices, charcoal, lighting fluid, matches, fire, grill rattling, cleaning grill, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:47Action
10Domestic / ExteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Ext_HouseA_AutmnWint_
Domestic, Exterior, House 'A', Autumn/Winter, front door, open, slam, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:08Action
11Domestic / Exterior/InteriorGarden 'A' and House 'A'Domestic_ExtInt_gardenA_houseA_
Domestic, Exterior/Interior, Garden 'A' and House 'A', Autumn/Winter, someone entering house, closing door. Birds, footsteps, keys, lock, door, door slam, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0246.1:02Transition
12Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', 3 persons eating dinner in kitchen, cutlery, plates, chewing, drinking,  ZM-1-3E1:28Action
13Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', kitchen, someone preparing dinner and setting table, pots, water, plates, cutlery, footsteps, extractor hood, frying, microwave oven, creaking floor, rattling, opening and closing refrigerator, ZM-1-3E21:04Action
14Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_dishwasher_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', kitchen, someone starting dishwasher, refrigerator humming, footsteps, rattling from plastic wrapped detergent tab, tab lid closed, machine started, gurgling from sink, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0264.5:20Action
15Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_goingToBed_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', bedroom, someone going to bed, footsteps, duvet movements, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0228-0229.0:53Action
16Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', bathroom, someone taking a shower, clothes, shower curtain, water, washing hair, washing body, drying, towel, footsteps, ZM-1-3E8:02Action
17Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_vacuuming_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', living room, someone vacuuming the living room, footsteps, cable retractor, vacuum cleaner, ZM-1-3E3:52Action
18Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_wakingUp_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', bedroom, someone waking up by alarm clock, activating snooze, awoken again and getting out of bed, alarm clock from smartphone/iPhone, duvet movements, footsteps, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0227 and 0229.1:23Action
19Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', basement washing room, starting washing machine: Stuffing in clothes, adding detergent, setting machine, starting, water intake, washing. Handling noises from clothes, button clicks, door close, water running, clinks and clonks from clothes against machine door window, water splashing inside machine, ZM-1-3E3:32Action
20Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', someone working in kitchen, setting table, cutlery, plates, water, glasses, open and close refrigerator, refrigerator running,  ZM-1-3E3:52Action
21Domestic / InteriorHouse 'C'Domestic_Int_HouseC_packing_
Domestic, Interior, House 'C', basement room 1, packing bags, rattle, handling noises, deep freezer humming, ZM-1-3E2:10Action
22Domestic / InteriorHouse 'C'Domestic_Int_HouseC_
Domestic, Interior, House 'C', small toilet, ventilator behind, toilet flushed behind, hands washed in front below, ventilator switched off, water dripping, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0085.1:16Action
23Domestic / InteriorHouse 'D'Domestic_Int_HouseD_cat_eating_
Domestic, Interior, House 'D', kitchen, cat getting fed, cat food bag opened, cat purring, eating, very close perspective, ZM-1-3E1:40Action
24Domestic / InteriorHouse 'D'Domestic_Int_HouseD_cat_meowing_
Domestic, Interior, House 'D', kitchen, cat meowing, ZM-1-3E0:10Action
25Domestic / Interior/ExteriorHouse 'A' and Garden 'A'Domestic_IntExt_houseA_GardenA_
Domestic, Interior/Exterior, House 'A' and Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, someone exiting house, closing door. Footsteps, door, keys, lock, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0245.0:49Transition
26Leisure / ExteriorFjord 'A'Leisure_Ext_FjordA_Spring_
Leisure, Exterior, Fjord 'A', Spring, someone dipping in the water of the fjord, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:49Action
27Leisure / ExteriorGarden 'A'Leisure_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, front garden, New Year's Eve, people firing FIREWORKS close-up, rockets, batteries, bomb tubes, excited children and adults, -25 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:33Action
28Leisure / ExteriorPark 'A'Leisure_Ext_ParkA_AutmnWint_drone_
Leisure, Exterior, Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, person flying a small drone, footsteps, birds, distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:16Action
29Leisure / InteriorChurch 'A'Leisure_Int_ChurchA_5applauses_
Leisure, Interior, Church 'A', 5 applauses of different lengths during concert, audience in front, people clapping, applauding, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0623 -0624 and 0626-0628.1:39Action
30Leisure / InteriorHouse 'A'Leisure_Int_houseA_
Leisure, Interior, House 'A', playing with Lego on the living room floor, rattling bricks, -10 dB, ZM-1-3E2:03Action
31Nature / ExteriorField 'E'Nature_Ext_FieldE_Summer_walking_
Nature, Exterior, Field 'E', Summer, 2 takes of someone walking past on grass, summer meadow, birds, bees, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:01Action
32Nature / ExteriorForest 'A'Nature_Ext_ForestA_Spring_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'A', Spring, someone walking slowly by in the woods, footsteps, branches breaking on the ground, bird song, by forest lake, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:33Action
33Nature / ExteriorPark 'C'Nature_Ext_ParkC_Spring_bee_Act_
Nature, Exterior, Park 'C', Spring, bee buzzing close up, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:28Action
34Nature / ExteriorPark 'C'Nature_Ext_ParkC_Spring_blackbird_
Nature, Exterior, Park 'C', Spring, blackbird singing in the tree above, other birds, faint voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:27Action
35Nature / InteriorCave 'B'Nature_Int_CaveB_footsteps_
Nature, Interior, Cave 'B', footsteps into cave, back from cave, struggling, climbing, distant sound of small waterfall/stream, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E3:39Action
36Nature / InteriorCave 'B'Nature_Int_CaveB_footsteps_
Nature, Interior, Cave 'B', footsteps into cave, back from cave, distant sound of small waterfall/stream, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E1:22Action
37Transportation / ExteriorCity 'B'Transport_Ext_CityB_Spring_
Transportation, Exterior, City 'B', Spring, 10 trains passing from left and right, closeup (1 meter and 6 meters in front), 3 types of diesel-electric train and electric train, few voices, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E7:06Action
38Transportation / ExteriorField 'E' and Car 'A'Transport_Ext_FieldE_CarA_Summer_
Transportation, Exterior, Field A, Summer, someone walking up to Toyota Auris, unlocking and opening door, getting into car, closing door, starting engine, stopping engine, car window open. Birds, unlocking door, slightly windy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:46Action
39Transportation / InteriorField 'E', Car 'A', City 'B'Transport_Int_CarA_FieldE_CityB_
Transportation, Interior, Car 'A', Toyota Auris, Summer, from Field 'E' to parking lot in City 'B': getting into car, closing door, fastening seat belt, starting engine, driving in countryside, left front window open, going onto motorway, closing left front window, opening right front window, opening left front window, ending at supermarket parking lot, stopping engine, unfastening seat belt. Birds, car door, key in ignition, directional indicator, gear shifts, electric window, cars passing, faint voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0516-0518 and MPAA0520.12:31Action
40Transportation / ExteriorCity 'B'Transportation_Ext_CityB_
Transportation, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, City 'B', car (Toyota Auris) arrive, pull handbreak, stop engine, open door, exit, close door, walk off, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:45Action
41Transportation / ExteriorCity 'B'Transportation_Ext_CityB_
Transportation, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, City 'B', walk up to car (Toyota Auris), unlock door, open door, enter, close door, start engine, drive off, bicycles, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:59Action
42Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_helicopter_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', helicopter passing directly overhead, very faint voices, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:32Action
43Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_truck_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', sandblasting truck in idle state, engine running, sandblasting in the distance, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:51Action
44Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_truck_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', sewage truck, idling, driving off, air pressure release, clonks, car passing, bicycle passing, light rain, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:10Action
45Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_truck_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', sewage truck in idle state, engine running, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:45Action
46Urban / ExteriorForest 'A'Urban_Ext_ForestA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Forest 'A', Autumn/Winter, child approaching from behind and passing, FOOTSTEPS, birds, faint distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:00Action
47Urban / InteriorCave 'A'Urban_Int_CaveA_footsteps_passing_
Urban, Interior, Cave 'A', footsteps, on wooden gangway, approaching from far away as a low rumble, stopping at listening position, occasional distant water drops, large cave with a 10 second reverb time, dungeon, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0588-0592 and 0594-0595.1:12Action
48Urban / InteriorCave 'A'Urban_Int_CaveA_footsteps_passing_
Urban, Interior, Cave 'A', footsteps, on wooden gangway, approaching, passing, disappearing into low rumble, occasional distant water drops, large cave with a 10 second reverb time, dungeon, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0588-0591 and 0593-0595.1:23Action
49Urban / InteriorStairwell 'A'Urban_Int_StairwellA_enter_walkUp_
Urban, Interior, Stairwell 'A', reverberant stairwell, someone entering from outside, walking up stairs to 4th floor, door opening, electric door opener, footsteps, faint voice, door closing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0618 and 0619.0:45Action
50Urban / InteriorStairwell 'A'Urban_Int_StairwellA_walkDown_
Urban, Interior, Stairwell 'A', reverberant stairwell, someone walking down stairs from 4th floor, exiting to street, footsteps, door opening, electric door opener, car passing on street, door closing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0617 and 0619.1:11Action
Total duration:2:14:26


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