Transition Starter 1

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50 Immersive Transition Ambiences

Transitioning Ambiences from: Domestic Garden, Bathtub, House, Amusement Park, Ski Resort, Zoo, Shopping Centre, Restaurant, Museum, Supermarket, Beach, Cave, Work Place, City, Park, Metro Station, Train Station, Field, Car, Electric Train, Metro Train, Bus, Ferry, Village, and Town
with walking, skiing, bike riding, train riding, bus riding, car riding, bathtub diving, elevator riding, and more.

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Come along for the rides! Bike through the city, jump in and out of the bus, the train, and the escalator. Walk through the entire Amusement Park, into the Shopping Centre or out from the house. Or go down to the tax free shop on the ferry. You can even get your head underwater in the bathtub! With these 3D ambiences, it’s almost as if you’re moving yourself!
Also check out the walks and struggles through the cave – an old underground lime mine.
The mobility of our recording equipment makes you actually move in 3D and experience the changing soundscapes. These ambiences can enrich your productions with inner eye movies as the sounds all around the listener evolve.

About the package

This is a Starter package featuring a selection of ambiences from the themed packages. You can typically find different versions of the same or similar scenes in the themed packages – along with these files. Now, we don’t want you to pay twice for the same material. Therefore, Starter packages earn you extra discount points towards purchasing the individual themed packages. The discount is credited to your account, if you create one, where you can always check your accumulated discount.

About the content

These ambiences were recorded during all four seasons, so the exterior soundscapes vary quite a bit. But there are lots of human sounds!
The 50, highly realistic ambiences of Transition Starter 1 are ready to add 3D movement to your productions.
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1Domestic / Exterior/InteriorGarden 'A' and House 'A'Domestic_ExtInt_gardenA_houseA_
Domestic, Exterior/Interior, Garden 'A' and House 'A', Autumn/Winter, someone entering house, closing door. Birds, footsteps, keys, lock, door, door slam, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0246.1:02Transition
2Domestic / InteriorBathtub ‘A’Domestic_Int_BathtubA_Underwater_
Domestic, Interior, Bathtub ‘A’, underwater, tap running at full power, movement about bathtub, -18 dB, ZM-1-3E0:55Transition
3Domestic / InteriorBathtub ‘A’Domestic_Int_BathtubA_Underwater_
Domestic, Interior, Bathtub ‘A’, underwater, shower is showering on water’s surface, movement about bathtub, ZM-1-3E1:20Transition
4Domestic / Interior/ExteriorHouse 'A' and Garden 'A'Domestic_IntExt_houseA_GardenA_
Domestic, Interior/Exterior, House 'A' and Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, someone exiting house, closing door. Footsteps, door, keys, lock, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0245.0:49Transition
5Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park 'A'Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkA_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, from entrance through park: voices, footsteps, distant traffic, various amusement rides, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E8:09Transition
6Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park 'A' and City 'C'Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkA_CityC_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park 'A' and City 'C', Autumn/Winter, exiting the park to busy street: barrel organ, voices (multiple languages), traffic light beeps, traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0279.0:51Transition
7Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park ‘B’Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkB_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park ‘B', Summer, walk through park: walla, voices (multiple languages), music, screaming, waterfall, various activities, tractor, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E6:16Transition
8Leisure / ExteriorSki Resort 'A'Leisure_Ext_SkiResortA_Wint_
Leisure, Exterior, Ski Resort 'A', Winter, from button lift entrance back to button lift entrance: going up with lift, skiing down. Button lift engine, skis in snow, clinks from button seat arms, voices, skiers passing, very faint music, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0286 and 0288.2:28Transition
9Leisure / ExteriorSki Resort 'A'Leisure_Ext_SkiResortA_Wint_
Leisure, Exterior, Ski Resort 'A', Winter, from top of smaller ski slope to bottom of button lift slope: Skiing down through tunnel to bottom button lift slope. Conveyor lift engine, voices, skis in snow, button lift engine, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0292, 0294 and 0295.1:33Transition
10Leisure / ExteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_Ext_ZooA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior, Zoo 'A', Autumn/Winter, entrance from road into Zoo: traffic behind, beep, voices, birds, flamingos, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0201.0:38Transition
11Leisure / ExteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_Ext_ZooA_AutmnWint_exit_
Leisure, Exterior, Zoo 'A', Autumn/Winter, exit from Zoo to bus shelter on busy road: voices, footsteps, traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0218.1:06Transition
12Leisure / Exterior/InteriorAmusement Park 'A'Leisure_ExtInt_AmusementParkA_
Leisure, Exterior/Interior, Amusement Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, entering a fun house: voices, adjacent amusement rides, entrance register, machine noises, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0278 and 0279.1:06Transition
13Leisure / Exterior/InteriorAmusement Park 'A'Leisure_ExtInt_AmusementParkA_
Leisure, Exterior/Interior, Amusement Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, exiting fun house: voices (multiple languages), machine noises, barrel organ, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0277, 0278 and 0280.1:00Transition
14Leisure / Exterior/InteriorHarbour 'C'  and Shopping Centre 'A'Leisure_ExtInt_
Leisure, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, Harbour 'C' to Shopping Centre 'A': through revolving door into shopping centre near restaurant area at ground floor: voices, footsteps, bicycles, electric scooter, revolving door, distant walla/cutlery/plates, faint background music, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0165 and 0173.1:25Transition
15Leisure / Exterior/InteriorRestaurant 'A' and City 'C'Leisure_ExtInt_RestaurantA_
Leisure, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, from pedestrian street up stairs into restaurant: voices (multiple languages), walla, door, cutlery, plates, distant smartphone game beeps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Can be used together with MPAA0184 and 0185 via crossfade.1:03Transition
16Leisure / Exterior/InteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_ExtInt_ZooA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior/Interior, Zoo 'A', Autumn/Winter, entering into rainforest hall: birds (Shama, Bee-Eater and others), voices, children, small waterfall splashing, flapping wings, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0210 and 0211.0:46Transition
17Leisure / InteriorSupermarket 'A' snd Shopping Centre 'A'Leisure_Int_
Leisure, Interior, Supermarket 'A' to Shopping Centre 'A': walk through large supermarket from entrance through different sections to checkout and out into shopping centre at playground, medium busy, voices, handling noises, footsteps, shopping carts, checkout beeps, alarm beeps, cash register, children playing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0160.5:23Transition
18Leisure / InteriorMuseum 'A'Leisure_Int_MuseumA_mainHall_
Leisure, Interior, Museum 'A', from main hall ground floor to 2nd floor: voices, walla, footsteps, children, busy, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0179 and 0181.1:53Transition
19Leisure / Interior/ExteriorShopping Centre 'A' and City 'C'Leisure_IntExt_
Leisure, Interior/Exterior, Autumn/Winter, Shopping Centre 'A' to street: through revolving door out to street on 1st floor: background music, voices, footsteps, revolving door, bicycles, distant construction work, large pile hammer, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:20Transition
20Leisure / Interior/ExteriorRestaurant 'A' and City 'C'Leisure_IntExt_RestaurantA_
Leisure, Interior/Exterior, Autumn/Winter, from restaurant down stairs to pedestrian street: cutlery, plates, voices (multiple languages), walla, door, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Can be used together with MPAA0184 and 0185 via crossfade.0:36Transition
21Nature / ExteriorBeach 'B'Nature_Ext_BeachB_AutmnWint_beach_
Nature, Exterior, Beach 'B', Autumn/Winter, from beach being flushed creating a small river to 50 meters away: ocean, roar, distant voices, seagulls, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0061.0:46Transition
22Nature / ExteriorBeach 'B'Nature_Ext_BeachB_AutmnWint_
Nature, Exterior, Beach 'B', Autumn/Winter, from small passage to hill overlooking the beach and sea from approx. 100 meters back: pedestrians, footsteps, voices, fairly large waves, roar, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0056 and 58.1:01Transition
23Nature / Exterior / InteriorCave ‘B'Nature_ExtInt_CaveB_footsteps_
Nature, Exterior/Interior, Cave ‘B’, walking into and through cave: from outside into cave on paved ground, climbing/struggling over limestone obstacles, passing and crossing waterfall, continuing on stone passage, short stop, continuing, ending at a place with water dripping into small puddles on the ground. Birds, water drops, stream/waterfall, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0648 and 0650.5:13Transition
24Nature / Interior/ExteriorCave ‘B'Nature_IntExt_CaveB_footsteps_
Nature, Interior/Exterior, Cave ‘B’, walking through and out of cave: over wooden gangway, on stone passage, climbing/struggling over limestone obstacles, passing waterfall, short stop, continuing on paved ground, birds heard from outside, walking outside, birds, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA06496:52Transition
25Occupational / InteriorWork place 'A'Occupat_Int_workPlaceA_
Occupational, Interior, work place 'A', large complex, from 5th floor to 2nd floor in elevator: voice, beeps, elevator doors, footsteps, exiting in large interior hallway, ZM-1-3E0:42Transition
26Transportation / ExteriorCity 'B'Transport_Ext_CityB_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, bike ride from House 'A' to supermarket parking lot: unlocking bicycle with slightly loose front mudguard, riding, locking bicycle. Clicking, flapping, gear shifts, break squeals, few birds, electric car, bicycles, traffic, voices (multiple languages), traffic light beeps, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E6:40Transition
27Transportation / ExteriorCity 'B'Transport_Ext_CityB_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, bike ride from House 'A' to busy road: bicycle with slightly loose front mudguard, wet roads, flapping, gear shifts, break squeals, tunnel, pedestrians, radio playing, birds, cars, traffic, voices, scooter, construction site, buses, trucks, wind noise, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Note: This transition was recorded to include a low, controlled wind noise when speed is high. This is deliberate as it creates a sense of speed. If you prefer no wind noise, please use the bike rides without. Matches MPAA0196.4:56Transition
28Transportation / ExteriorPark ‘C'Transport_Ext_ParkC_Spring_
Transportation, Exterior, Park ‘C’, Spring, bike ride through park: Ride on asphalt and gravel paths, crossing street, through tunnel, stop. Birds, voices, gear shifts, traffic, traffic light beep, bicycles, pedestrians, joggers, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:58Transition
29Transportation / Exterior/InteriorCity 'C' and Metro Station 'D'Transport_ExtInt_CityC_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, Square to Metro Station 'D' (subway): from city centre square at street level on stairs and escalator to platform, trains arriving and departing, distant electronic check-in chimes, footsteps, voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0237.1:08Transition
30Transportation / Exterior/InteriorTrain Station 'B' and City 'C'Transport_ExtInt_CityC_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, City 'C', from street to Train Station 'B' main hall: traffic, voices, footsteps, trolleys, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0114 and 116.1:32Transition
31Transportation / Exterior/InteriorCity 'D', Car 'A' and Garden 'A'Transport_ExtInt_CityD_carA_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, City D, Car 'A' and Garden A, Toyota Auris, unlocking and opening door, getting into car, starting engine, driving in city (50-60 km/h, 31-37 mph), opening window, closing window, slowing to 30 km/h (18 mph), reversing into driveway, stopping, getting out. Sound from directional indicator, ventilation fan, windshield wipers, seats rattling, traffic outside, gear shifts, electric window, hedge touching right car door, car key, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E11:56Transition
32Transportation / Exterior/InteriorField ‘E’ and Car 'A'Transport_ExtInt_FieldE_CarA_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, Field A and Car 'A', Summer, Toyota Auris, unlocking and opening door, getting into car, closing door, opening door, getting out. Birds, unlocking door, locking door, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:36Transition
33Transportation / Exterior/InteriorTrain Station 'C' and 'D'Transport_ExtInt_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, Train station 'C' to Train station 'D': platform, electric train arriving, ride 2 stops in bicycle carriage, exit at station 'D', going up stairs onto bridge. Distant church bells, voices, doors, footsteps, trains arriving and departing, cars, traffic. Contains static ambiences. Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0152 and MPAA0154.6:23Transition
34Transportation / Exterior/InteriorTrain Station 'A' and 'B'Transport_ExtInt_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, Train station 'A' to Train station 'B': from lower platform to upper in elevator, electric train arriving, ride 2 stops in bicycle carriage, enter seating carriage, ride one stop, exit at station 'B', going to escalator, riding to main hall, traversing main hall to exit at the street, voices (multiple languages), doors, footsteps, electronic check-in chime, birds, trains arriving and departing, cars, traffic. Contains several static ambiences. Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0115.13:28Transition
35Transportation / InteriorFerry 'A'Transport_Int_FerryA_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'A', high-speed ferry, from car deck up to seating area: engine rumble, handling noises, voices, children, coffee brewing, sneezing, walla, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA099 102, 106 and 107.3:17Transition
36Transportation / InteriorFerry 'A'Transport_Int_FerryA_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'A', high-speed ferry, from seating area down to car deck: engine rumble, voices, footsteps, car doors, children, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA099, 100, 102 and 107.1:25Transition
37Transportation / InteriorFerry 'B'Transport_Int_FerryB_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'B', large high-speed ferry, from lounge down to tax free shop and through to candy section: voices (multiple languages), engine rumble, children, footsteps, bottles clinking, announcement (unintelligible), ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0324 and 0326.4:10Transition
38Transportation / InteriorFerry 'B'Transport_Int_FerryB_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'B', large high-speed ferry, from tax free shop candy section through checkout up to lounge: voices (multiple languages), announcement (unintelligible), children, checkout beeps, footsteps, engine rumble, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0324 and 0325.2:03Transition
39Transportation / InteriorTrain Station 'B'Transport_Int_TrainStB_
Transportation, Interior, Train Station 'B', from main hall to electric train platform: elevator, voices, train departing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0116 and 0142 .0:52Transition
40Transportation / InteriorTrain Station 'B'Transport_Int_TrainStB_
Transportation, Interior, Train Station 'B', from electric train platform into train: ride 1 stop, voices (multiple languages), suitcases, noises from smartphone playing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0140-0143.3:25Transition
41Transportation / InteriorTrain Station 'B'Transport_Int_TrainStB_
Transportation, Interior, Train Station 'B', from electric train platform to main hall: elevator, bicycle, voices, trains arriving and departing, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0116 and 0141.0:47Transition
42Transportation / Interior/ExteriorCar 'A' and Garden ‘A’Transport_IntExt_CarA_GardenA_
Transportation, Interior/Exterior, Car ‘A' and Garden ‘A’, Summer, Toyota Auris, opening door, getting out, locking door, unlocking and opening door, getting into car, closing door. Birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:30Transition
43Transportation / Interior/ExteriorCity 'B'Transport_IntExt_CityB_
Transportation, Interior/Exterior, City 'B', bus ride 4 stops from bus stop to bus stop on busy road: traffic, voices, door beeps, rattling, callout chimes, electronic check-in chimes, radio, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0197 and 0199 .6:12Transition
44Transportation / Interior/ExteriorMetro Station 'B' and City 'C'Transport_IntExt_CityC_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Interior/Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, Metro Station 'B' (subway) to street: from platform onto escalator then stairs up to street level. Voices (multiple languages), footsteps, electronic check-in chimes, announcements, escalator, traffic, traffic light beeps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0125, 0127 and 0129.2:53Transition
45Transportation / Interior/ExteriorMetro Station 'D' and 'E'Transport_IntExt_MetroStD_E_CityC_
Transportation, Interior/Exterior, Metro Station 'D' and 'E' and City 'C', Autumn/Winter, Metro Station 'D' to 'E' to City 'C' (subway): from platform, train arriving, ride 1 stop, exit to street via escalators and stairs. Electronic check-in chimes, doors opening and closing, location announcement, footsteps, voices (multiple languages), trolley, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0241 and 0243.4:37Transition
46Transportation / Exterior/InteriorGarden 'A' and Car 'A'Transportation_ExtInt_GardenA_
Transportation, Exterior/Interior, Autumn/Winter, Garden 'A' and Car 'A', Toyota Auris, unlock door, open door, enter, open door inside, exit, lock door, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E0:30Transition
47Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Summer, walking past house in residential area being sandblasted, sandblasting truck idling, very faint footsteps at the end, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:20Transition
48Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, from pedestrian street to medium sized square: voices (multiple languages), footsteps, skateboard, speaker, bicycles, busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:25Transition
49Urban / ExteriorVillage ‘A’ and Beach ‘B’Urban_Ext_
Urban, Exterior, from Village ‘A' to Beach ‘B’, Spring, walk on small passage from village to viewpoint overlooking beach, pedestrians, low voices, footsteps, birds, ocean at approx. 100 meters distance, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0451.2:38Transition
50Urban / Exterior/InteriorTown 'A'Urban_ExtInt_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior/Interior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, from church square into church porch and out again, close church bells, cars, footsteps, soft voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:55Transition
Total duration:2:25:49


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