Static Starter 2

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50 Immersive Static Ambiences

Spring and Summer Ambiences from: House, Activities Park, Amusement Park, Zoo, Church, Concert Hall, Restaurant, Beach, City, Field, Forest, Domestic Garden, Harbour, Cave, Work Place, Train Station, Car, Park, Town, Village, Stairwell.

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This package contains real cave recordings with water drops, streams and reverberation. It also takes you around the spring and summer seasons in a large number of places with bird song, bees, wind, rain, thunder, traffic, people, and many more – a very varied and useful collection.
Among the recordings you’ll find some beautiful recordings of Nature’s sounds, as well as the lively sounds of a busy city.

About the package

This is a Starter package featuring a selection of ambiences from the themed packages. You can typically find different versions of the same or similar scenes in the themed packages – along with these files. Now, we don’t want you to pay twice for the same material. Therefore, Starter packages earn you extra discount points towards purchasing the individual themed packages. The discount is credited to your account, if you create one, where you can always check your accumulated discount.

About the content

In the spring and summer, Nature is full of sounds – the most prominent being those made by birds. But humans are also busy being out and about – all of which you’ll find recorded here.
The 50, highly realistic ambiences of Static Starter 2 are ready to serve as the canvas of your production. You can add narration, dialogue and action on top of these backgrounds – or use them on their own to put the listener in the right mood for what’s coming next.
What you get in this collection are scenes, not individual sound effects. However, many recordings (especially less dense scenes) contain single sounds that can be isolated and used on their own. Try it. When you find the right sound, the result can be very effective.


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1Domestic / InteriorHouse ‘A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_attic_WIND_
Domestic, Interior, House ‘A', attic, strong WIND gusts blowing under and through the roof, ZM-1-3E2:05Static
2Domestic / InteriorHouse ‘A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_basement_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', roomtone: basement heater room, ventilator, water running in plumbing, quiet, ZM-1-3E2:37Static
3Domestic / InteriorHouse ‘A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_basement_
Domestic, Interior, House ‘A’, basement washing room and drying room, WASHING MACHINE running its main wash with 4 second pauses. Water splashing, clinks and clonks from clothes against machine door window, ventilator humming, water running through plumbing, ZM-1-3E3:59Static
4Domestic / InteriorHouse ‘A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_kitchen_
Domestic, Interior, House ‘A’, kitchen, COFFEE MAKER brewing a can of coffee, gurgling, water dripping into can, ZM-1-3E3:08Static
5Domestic / InteriorHouse ‘A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_Summer_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', Summer, roomtone: kitchen, door open to outside, birds, moped, car, faint voices, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:55Static
6Leisure / ExteriorActivities Park ‘A’Leisure_Ext_ActivitiesParkA_
Leisure, Exterior, Activities Park ‘A’, Summer, amusement park with outdoor activities mostly for children, atmosphere, screaming, shouting, voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E 3:46Static
7Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park ‘B’Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkB_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park ‘B’, atmosphere at a children’s carousel ride, walla, voices (multiple languages), children, laughter, busy, faint background music, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable.3:44Static
8Leisure / ExteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_Ext_ZooB_Summer_
Leisure, Exterior, Zoo ‘B', Summer, children’s playground, roundabout behind, voices, screaming and laughter, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:35Static
9Leisure / InteriorChurch ‘A’Leisure_Int_ChurchA_murmur_
Leisure, Interior, Church ‘A’, murmur, mumbling, atmosphere, people arriving for concert, soft voices, mumble, church about 1/4 full, audience, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0623 and  0625-0628.5:18Static
10Leisure / InteriorChurch ‘A’Leisure_Int_ChurchA_murmur_
Leisure, Interior, Church ‘A’, murmur, mumbling, people leaving, voices, mumble, clonks and noises, audience, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable. Matches MPAA0623-0627.1:07Static
11Leisure / InteriorConcert Hall ‘A’Leisure_Int_ConcertHallA_murmur_
Leisure, Interior, Concert Hall ‘A’, medium dry hall, murmur during intermission, low mumbling and whispering, occasional laughing, movement of people and furniture on stage, occasional coughing, atmosphere, at stage, audience in front, stage behind, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0651-0656 and 0658-0666.5:18Static
12Leisure / InteriorConcert Hall ‘A’Leisure_Int_ConcertHallA_walla_
Leisure, Interior, Concert Hall ‘A’, medium dry hall, walla during intermission, tuning starts and audience goes quiet, talking, laughing, occasional coughing, audience entering and exiting hall, atmosphere, flute, at stage, audience in front, stage behind, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable. Matches MPAA0651-0663 and 0665-0666.9:50Static
13Leisure / InteriorRestaurant 'B'Leisure_Int_RestaurantB_voices_
Leisure, Interior, Restaurant 'B', medium-large restaurant, voices, walla, plates, cutlery, chairs moving, busy, ZM-1-3E3:39Static
14Nature / ExteriorBeach 'B'Nature_Ext_BeachB_Spring_ocean_
Nature, Exterior, Beach 'B', Spring, ocean by water’s edge, medium sized waves, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0452.3:46Static
15Nature / ExteriorCity ‘B'Nature_Ext_CityB_Summer_
Nature, Exterior, City 'B', RAIN SHOWER: Rainfall on residential street, a complete shower from dry through light, medium, strong rain reaching heavy cloud burst strength for about a minute before slowly dying out leaving just the water running into the sewers, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E9:45Static
16Nature / ExteriorField ‘E'Nature_Ext_FieldE_Summer_meadow_
Nature, Exterior, Field ‘E’, Summer, summer meadow, birds, bees, slightly windy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:42Static
17Nature / ExteriorForest ‘A'Nature_Ext_ForestA_Spring_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'A', Spring, BIRD SONG, BUMBLEBEE flying close up, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:04Static
18Nature / ExteriorForest ‘A'Nature_Ext_ForestA_Spring_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'A', Spring, BIRD SONG, by forest lake, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:06Static
19Nature / ExteriorGarden ‘A'Nature_Ext_GardenA_Summer_bees_
Nature, Exterior, Garden 'A', Summer, front garden, bees, birds, calm, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:23Static
20Nature / ExteriorGarden ‘A'Nature_Ext_GardenA_Summer_
Nature, Exterior, Garden 'A', Summer, back garden, morning BIRD SONG, 30 minutes before sunrise, few bees, birds flying close, flapping wings, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E8:01Static
21Nature / ExteriorHarbour ‘D'Nature_Ext_HarbourD_Spring_
Nature, Exterior, Harbour 'D', Spring, near the harbour overlooking the sea, seagulls, cuckoo flying by, birds, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:30Static
22Nature / InteriorCave ‘A’Nature_Int_CaveA_dripping_Stat_
Nature, Interior, Cave ‘A’, dripping, distant and semi-distant water drops, large cave with a 10 second reverb time, dungeon, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0588-0593 and 0595.0:54Static
23Nature / InteriorCave ‘B'Nature_Int_CaveB_dripping_
Nature, Interior, Cave ‘B’, dripping, water drops, distant sound of small waterfall/stream, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E4:06Static
24Nature / InteriorCave ‘B'Nature_Int_CaveB_waterfall_small_
Nature, Interior, Cave ‘B’, small waterfall/stream, close perspective, old underground lime mine, dungeon, ZM-1-3E2:59Static
25Occupational / InteriorWork place 'A'Occupat_Int_workPlaceA_atrium_
Occupational, Interior, work place 'A', general purpose atrium, by the coffee machine, people getting coffee, washing hands, opening refrigerator, background voices, ZM-1-3E2:06Static
26Occupational / InteriorWork place 'A'Occupat_Int_workPlaceA_
Occupational, Interior, work place 'A', large interior hallway, seating area, low voices, footsteps, noises from staff, ZM-1-3E1:38Static
27Transportation / ExteriorTrain Station 'C'Transport_Ext_TrainStC_Summer_
Transportation, Exterior, Train Station 'C', Summer, on platform with access staircase behind, trains arriving and departing in front of (right-to-left) and behind (left-to-right), street musician playing accordion in tunnel below, passengers, footsteps, voices, electronic check-in chimes, beeps, train whistle, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0608.4:28Static
28Transportation / InteriorCar 'A'Transport_Int_CarA_countryRoad_
Transportation, Interior, Car 'A', Toyota Auris, driving at 80 km/h (50 mph) on country road, left front window open, cars passing, ZM-1-3E2:32Static
29Transportation / InteriorCar 'A'Transport_Int_CarA_motorway_
Transportation, Interior, Car 'A', Toyota Auris, driving at 110 km/h (69 mph) on motorway or freeway, left front window open, cars passing, ZM-1-3E2:14Static
30Urban / ExteriorBeach 'A'Urban_Ext_BeachA_Spring_WAVES_
Urban, Exterior, Beach 'A', Spring, by water edge (1,5 meters above), small WAVES, birds, distant voices, distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:17Static
31Urban / ExteriorBeach 'B'Urban_Ext_BeachB_Spring_ocean_
Urban, Exterior, Beach 'B', Spring, ocean by water’s edge, medium sized waves, voices and screaming, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:44Static
32Urban / ExteriorBeach ‘C'Urban_Ext_BeachC_Summer_
Urban, Exterior, Beach 'C', Summer, beach atmosphere from ground perspective (as when lying on the beach), distant voices (multiple languages), children playing, laughter, screaming, distant waves, distant engine, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E6:17Static
33Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Spring_birds_
Urban, Exterior, City ‘B’, Spring, street in residential area, birds, pedestrians, footsteps, voices, bicycles, trains passing behind, dogs, slightly windy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:28Static
34Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Spring_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Spring, medium sized street, medium busy TRAFFIC, birds, bicycles, pedestrians, voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E6:47Static
35Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B'Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_meet-up_
Urban, Exterior, City ‘B’, Summer, residential street, evening, handful of people having a meet-up (like a mini party) in adjacent garden (semi-distant), playing a bit of football, music, voices, shouting, banter, pedestrians, bicycle, cars, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable but can be looped with a crossfade.9:22Static
36Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B’Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_RAIN_medium_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Summer, RAIN on street in residential area, medium rain, water running into sewers, cars, pedestrians, bicycles, voices, trains, very distant thunder, few birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable but can be looped with a crossfade.7:04Static
37Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B’Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_UMBRELLA_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Summer,  RAIN on UMBRELLA, standing under an umbrella, rain on street in residential area, medium rain, water running into sewers, thunder, car, train, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:14Static
38Urban / ExteriorCity ‘B’Urban_Ext_CityB_Summer_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Summer, WATER running into two sewers after rainfall, light rain persisting, distant thunder towards end, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:00Static
39Urban / ExteriorForest ‘A'Urban_Ext_ForestA_Spring_birdSong_
Urban, Exterior, Forest 'A', Spring, bird song, medium distant woodpecker, faint voices, faint train, faint footsteps, by forest lake, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0401.4:02Static
40Urban / ExteriorForest 'A'Urban_Ext_ForestA_Spring_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, Forest 'A', Spring, forest road, medium busy TRAFFIC L-R perspective, birds, pedestrians, bicycles, train, aeroplane, truck, motorcycle, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E7:19Static
41Urban / ExteriorGarden 'C'Urban_Ext_GardenC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'C', Autumn/Winter, front garden, few birds, cars passing F-B perspective, distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:14Static
42Urban / ExteriorGarden 'C'Urban_Ext_GardenC_Summer_
Urban, Exterior, Garden ‘C’, Summer, back garden, birds, distant traffic, few bees, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:47Static
43Urban / ExteriorHarbour ‘D'Urban_Ext_HarbourD_Spring_birds_
Urban, Exterior, Harbour 'D', Spring, overlooking the sea, birds, faint voices and laughter, pedestrians walking by, distant sounds of harbour activities, distant speedboat, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E7:00Static
44Urban / ExteriorHarbour ‘D'Urban_Ext_HarbourD_Spring_ships_
Urban, Exterior, Harbour 'D', Spring, ships sailing past, ship engines, voices, various noises from activities, seagulls, birds, faint waves, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable (but can be looped by crossfade).8:38Static
45Urban / ExteriorPark ‘C'Urban_Ext_ParkD_Spring_birds_
Urban, Exterior, Park 'D', Spring, birds, very distant voices and laughter, dogs, very distant traffic, distant footsteps, faint tinkling from dog leash, fairly quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:39Static
46Urban / ExteriorPark ‘C'Urban_Ext_ParkD_Spring_fountain_
Urban, Exterior, Park 'D', Spring, fountain, water splashing, faint voices and laughter, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:24Static
47Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_Spring_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Spring, church square, birds, seagulls, footsteps, distant traffic, faint voices, faint police siren driving around town, faint sander, slightly windy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:08Static
48Urban / ExteriorVillage “A”Urban_Ext_VillageA_Spring_
Urban, Exterior, Village 'A', Spring, outdoor café, voices and laughter, cups, glasses, plates, cutlery, chairs, faint music, dog, pedestrians passing behind, distant traffic, busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:18Static
49Urban / ExteriorVillage “A”Urban_Ext_VillageA_Spring_
Urban, Exterior, Village 'A', Spring, small square, voices, traffic, faint music, motorbikes, busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:25Static
50Urban / InteriorStairwell ‘A’Urban_Int_StairwellA_entering_
Urban, Interior, Stairwell ‘A’, reverberant stairwell, people entering and exiting, walking up and down stairs, silence, door opening, door closing, electric door opener, footsteps, traffic and voices outside, adjacent elevator rumbling, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0617 and 0618.6:46Static
Total duration:3:34:08


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