3 new Static Domestic Packages released!

August 26, 2020

Today, Munk Productions released three new packages in the Ambisonic Ambiences library (MPAA).

Static Domestic 1” brings 50 highly realistic, pro-quality audio ambiences for immediate use in podcasts, games, radio, tv, and web productions – or any other project requiring the most realistically sounding effects.

With this release, we focus on the sounds of the home. You’ll get numerous roomtones from different rooms in different homes to place as the background for your audio action. Some are quiet, just adding the sense of being in a space (and not a studio), while others provide the sense of tension you often get when strong winds blow outside, or thunder and rain are heard through the walls and windows. Particularly, when the windows are just slightly open!

And of course, there’s the familiar sound of household appliances running in the background: Refrigerators, coffee machines, washing machines, and more.

So check out “Static Domestic 1” for backgrounds for your production. The package is available in Full version (all 50 ambiences), Mini (20 of the 50 ambiences), or Add-on (the remaining 30 ambiences).

Available for immediate download in both Ambisonic and Binaural formats.

Visit https://www.munkprod.dk/shop or click here.

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