3 new Static Urban 2 Packages released!

August 22, 2020

Today, Munk Productions released three new packages in the new Ambisonic Ambiences library (MPAA).

Continuing the Urban series, “Static Urban 2” contains 50 new 3D audio ambiences of the same, highly realistic, pro-quality content as the rest of the library. Whether you’re producing podcasts, radio, tv, for the web – or video games with the need for immersive audio backgrounds, each file is ready to provide the backdrop of your story in stereo or Ambisonic fomat.

The packages focus on the presence of humans in many different locales from the large city to the small village, from the harbour to the park, and more. We’re at the beach, in the outdoor café, in the streets, and in the gardens where people meet, talk, play and have a good time. Some times they’re distant, some times they’re close. Put on your headphones and you’re right there – because that’s what 3D sound field recordings can do.

You get “Static Urban 2” in three size options: Full (50 ambiences), Mini (20 ambiences) and Add-on (30 ambiences).

The packages are available for immediate download in both Ambisonic and Binaural formats.

Visit https://www.munkprod.dk/shop or click here.

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