10 new Packages released!

June 17, 2020

Today, Munk Productions released ten new packages in the new Ambisonic Ambiences library (MPAA).

The Static type was updated with “Static Leisure 1” and “Static Urban 1” and their accompanying smaller Mini and Add-on versions. These releases provide 100 ultra-realistic, pro-quality ambiences for immediate use in podcasts, games, radio and tv productions – or any other project requiring the best sounding effects. Scenes include restaurant, amusement park, ski resort, the pulsating city and lots more.

The exciting Transition type, consisting of recordings that actually move from place to place, into and out from various locations in full 3D, received two releases: “Transition Starter 1 Mini” with 20 moving ambiences mixed from all categories, and “Transition Leisure & Transportation 1” with Mini and Add-on versions, adding 50 transitional recordings into and out from train, bus, supermarket, train station, and through museum, city, Zoo and many more. Transition ambiences will add rich and changing soundscapes to any story, fictional or true.

All packages are available for immediate download in both Ambisonic and Binaural formats.

Visit https://www.munkprod.dk/shop or click here.

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