4 new Packages released!

May 20, 2020

Today, Munk Productions premiered the Munk Productions Ambisonic Ambience library with the first four audio packages.

The library brings 3D audio to anyone producing podcasts, games, radio, tv or web content, both in traditional stereo format projects, or the more complex Ambisonic format projects. And, being recorded and produced in 3rd order Ambisonics, the library delivers, quite literally, unrivalled realism and precision.

Three versions of the Static type package with 50/20/30 Static ambiences, mixed from all different categories, is named “Static Starter 1“. This package is perfect for anyone wanting to start using immersive audio in his or her audio productions, and who doesn’t need a large number of variations on each recording.

And an Actions Mini package with 20 Action ambiences & effects called “Action Starter 1 Mini” gives the producer 3D actions from the Domestic scene, whether it be garden work, cooking – or even celebrating New Year’s Eve by firing fireworks up into the sky. The Action ambiences are as close to traditional sound effects as we get and can be used as such – but with an immersive component.

All packages are available for immediate download in both Ambisonic and Binaural formats.

Visit https://www.munkprod.dk/shop or click here.