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In general, when you visit a website, the site sends some small text files to your browser, which then stores them on your device’s storage unit (hard drive, flash drive or whatever is installed). These text files are called “cookies”. Some sites set many cookies, others only a few.

At Munk Productions ( we set only a few cookies. Below you’ll find a description of what these cookies are, and what they are used for. Overall, we don’t collect information on you to use in advertising or building a profile on you. Our cookies are there to help the site function as smoothly as possible.


About Cookies

First off: Cookies cannot contain viruses or other malware which could harm your device.

As stated above, a cookie is a small text file sent by the website to your browser, which then stores the cookie on your device.

They can be divided into categories based on their purpose. A popular categorisation is:

  • Functional: Cookies used to aid in website functionality, such as logging in, adding items to a shopping cart, keeping track of what to show or hide depending on your previous actions, etc.
  • Analytical: Cookies used to analyse your usage of the website, i.e. which pages you visit, how you navigate the site, etc. This can be helpful to the site owner to improve the usability of the site.
  • Advertising: Cookies which are often set by third party web sites to show advertisements, build a profile on you to pick relevant advertisements, etc.

All cookies are set to stay on your device for a specific amount of time, often called “expiration time” or “duration”. Unless you delete them manually they will stay in place for that time. Overall, two types exist: Persistent and Session. Persistent cookies stay on your device after you’ve left the website or even closed your browser, whereas Session cookies are deleted after your current visit.

Persistent cookies are often used to remember your preferences for the site, e.g. your selected language or individual display preferences, or for example whether you’ve accepted cookies or not. Advertising cookies may stay so another site you visit can see where you’ve been. Depending on the information you have given to sites you have visited, the combined information from the cookies and your personal info may be used to build a profile on you, which can be used by certain sites to sell to other sites and organisations.

Session cookies often contain login information to keep you logged in to the site, or they are used to (anonymously) identify you while visiting the site, so the site may remember actions you have taken that influence how forms and fields are shown.

It is possible to delete or block cookies.  However, if you block cookies, you run the risk that the website is not functioning optimally and that there is content that you cannot access. See below for more details.


Blocking and/or deleting cookies

Blocking and deleting cookies happens in your browser. You can find helpful information on these subjects in the following two articles from WikiHow:

Deleting cookies

This article explains how to delete cookies if you use one of the following browsers: Chrome (computer and mobile), Firefox (computer and mobile), Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari (computer and mobile).

Blocking cookies

This article explains how to block cookies if you use one of the following browsers: Chrome (computer and Android), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari (computer and iOS).

If you use a browser not listed here, please see the help section for your browser or search the Internet for specific instructions.


Cookies on

As stated in the introduction, the Munk Productions website only sets a few cookies. And, except one, they are all Functional cookies. The following list shows you which cookies are set, their type, duration, and what their purpose is:


CookieTypeCookie DurationDescription3rd Party Information
PHPSESSIDFunctionalSessionContains a random number which anonymously identifies your current visit (session) to our site. It is used to remember actions taken during the session which influence the display of forms and fields.
__stripe_midFunctional1 yearThis cookie is set by our payment partner Stripe. It is used to aid in fraud prevention.
__stripe_sidFunctional30 minutesThis cookie is set by our payment partner Stripe. It is used to aid in fraud prevention. Please note that if you visit or use Stripe's services in any other way than through this site, additional cookies may be used and Stripe may combine this data with your use of this site. Please refer any questions you may have to Stripe regarding these cookies or learn more at Stripe Cookie Policy and Stripe Privacy Policy (see links right).
edd_items_in_cartFunctional30 minutesSet when an item is added to your shopping basket. It remembers the number of items in the basket while you use the site.
pli_languageFunctional1 yearSet to remember the language selection on the site. has a Danish and an English section. Using this cookie, you will go to the previously selected section when you return.
wordpress_logged_inFunctionalSession or 2 weeksSet to remember who your are and that you’re logged in during your logged-in session.If "Remember Me" was checked at login, the cookie persists for two weeks
wordpress_secFunctionalSession or 2 weeksContains your authentication information during a logged-in session.If "Remember Me" was checked at login, the cookie persists for two weeks
wordpress_test_cookieFunctionalSessionSet to test whether cookies are enabled in your browser.
cookieconsent_statusFunctional1 yearThis cookie remembers your decision to accept or reject other cookies.
_koko_analytics_pages_viewedAnalytics6 hoursSet to aid in our lean site analytics system, this cookie enables us to see which pages have been viewed by each (anonymous) visitor.


Effect of deleting cookies: If you delete your cookies after your visit to our site, the only effects will be that your language preference and cookie preferences are forgotten for your next visit.

Effect of blocking cookies: If you block cookies, you can still browse the site, read the articles, search and investigate the products, sign up for our newsletter, and use the Contact form. But you will experience the following issues:

  • Inability to log in
  • Inability to purchase products and create an account
  • Possible visual glitches or unexpected behaviour



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