Static Urban 1 Add-on

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30 Immersive Static Ambiences

Autumn/winter urban Ambiences from: City, Domestic Garden in Residential Area, Town, and Village
with traffic, cityscape, pedestrian streets, street musicians, train tunnel, aeroplane, small and medium streets, wind, fireworks, Car Park.

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There’s lots of urban life and vitality in this 3D collection – it’s all around you! This is how the city and town sounds when you walk around in it.
Plus you get a number of fireworks scenes, from occasional firing to “everyone: Go!”

About the package

This is a themed Add-on package intended to either upgrade the Mini to Full, or stand alone as a smaller version of the Static Leisure 1 package. Some of the ambience files are also found in a Starter package, so if you already purchased that, use your earned discount points to get a discount on this one. Points are accumulated in your account, if you created one.

About the content

This is an almost exclusively exterior experience of the most urban of urban sounds with lots of traffic and people. If you need urban sounds with more of nature in them, check the Static Urban 2 package.
The 30, highly realistic ambiences of Static Urban 1 Add-on are ready to serve as the canvas of your production. You can add narration, dialogue and action on top of these backgrounds – or use them on their own to put the listener in the right mood for what’s coming next.
What you get in this collection are scenes, not individual sound effects. However, many recordings (especially less dense scenes) contain single sounds that can be isolated and used on their own. Try it. When you find the right sound, the result can be very effective.
Read about the Static type here.
Be sure to read the important information on Categorisation and Metadata to help you search and use the files.
Full information about the MPAA library is here.

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1Urban / ExteriorCity 'A'Urban_Ext_CityA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'A', Autumn/Winter, cityscape - the city from 100 meters above, pedestrians on gravel path, birds (in particular rooks), Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:15Static
2Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, pedestrian/bicycle tunnel under train tracks, pedestrian, bicycle, trains passing overhead, few birds, -5 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:18Static
3Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_TRAFFIC_busStop_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, bus stop, inside open shelter, busy TRAFFIC, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0217 and 0219.3:53Static
4Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_TRAFFIC_busStop_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, bus stop, busy TRAFFIC behind, pedestrians in front, footsteps, bicycles, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0198.2:43Static
5Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, small inner city no-cars street, distant church bell strikes 5, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, quiet, evening, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:20Static
6Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, pedestrian street, street musician playing bongos, voices, footsteps, trolleys, medium busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:30Static
7Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', pedestrian street, street musician playing the violin behind, voices, footsteps, medium busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable.2:01Static
8Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, pedestrian street, people passing in L-R prespective, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, bicycle break squeal, bicycle, busy, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:36Static
9Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, small square in inner city by Metro Station 'E', footsteps, voices (multiple languages), birds, trolley, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:11Static
10Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, small inner city street, evening, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, bicycles, cars, distant background music, fairly quiet, evening, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:23Static
11Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_square_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, medium sized square, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, medium busy, evening, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0131.1:52Static
12Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, bridge over train tracks, traffic, pedestrians, bicycles, trains passing below, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0153. Not directly loopable (but can be looped by crossfade).2:06Static
13Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, bus stop, inside open shelter, busy TRAFFIC, voices, distant music from portable speaker, bicycles, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:20Static
14Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, street, busy TRAFFIC, traffic light beeps, voices (multiple languages), car horn, trolleys, car doors, bicycle, moped, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:04Static
15Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, front garden, propeller AEROPLANE, car, few winter birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:02Static
16Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, front garden, evening, bicycle passing, distant dog, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:58Static
17Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, Garden 'A', front garden, New Year’s Eve, FIREWORKS both close and distant, very busy, -35 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:02Static
18Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, front garden, medium busy distant fireworks (day before New Year’s Eve), flapping wind sail, medium windy, car, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:54Static
19Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, front garden, distant machinery, occasional distant fireworks (few days before New Year’s Eve), pedestrians passing, voices, cars passing, aeroplane, few birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:52Static
20Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_windy_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn, back garden, quite windy, leaves rustling, faint wind chimes, few winter birds, aeroplane, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:59Static
21Urban / ExteriorGarden 'C'Urban_Ext_GardenC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'C', Autumn/Winter, back garden, few birds, cars passing out front, distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:18Static
22Urban / ExteriorGarden 'C'Urban_Ext_GardenC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'C', Autumn/Winter, front garden, few birds, cars passing F-B perspective, distant traffic, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:14Static
23Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, back yard, birds, ventilator behind, cars,/footsteps/voices behind, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:38Static
24Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, parking lot, medium distant church bells, cars, car doors, voices, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:23Static
25Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, town square, medium TRAFFIC L-R and behind, wet roads, cars, moped, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:48Static
26Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, town square, cars L-R perspective, wet roads, pedestrians, voices, bicycles, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:44Static
27Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, town square, medium distant church bells behind, cars, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:38Static
28Urban / ExteriorBeach 'B'Urban_Ext_VillageA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Village 'A', Autumn/Winter, small passage from village to beach, pedestrians L-R perspective, voices, footsteps, distant sea to the right, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:19Static
29Urban / InteriorCity 'A'Urban_Int_CityA_carPark_cars_doors_
Urban, Interior, City 'A', interior car park, various gasoline and diesel cars, car doors, engine stops and starts, voices and noises, cars pass in L-R perspective, ZM-1-3E3:33Static
30Urban / InteriorCity 'C'Urban_Int_CityC_
Urban, Interior, City 'C', small shopping arcade, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, medium busy, background music,  ZM-1-3E. Not directly loopable due to background music but can be split halfway and looped.1:52Static
Total duration:1:11:46
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