Static Starter 1

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50 Immersive Static Ambiences

Autumn/winter Ambiences from: Cabin, House, Amusement Park, Ski Resort, Town, Zoo, Concert Room, Museum, Restaurant, Shopping Centre, Supermarket, Beach, Field, Forest, Park, Office, Train Station, Car, Electric Train, Ferry, Metro Station, City, Domestic Garden, Harbour.

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The package takes you around the autumn and winter seasons in a large number of places with traffic, wind, rain, rollercoaster, skis, and many more – a very varied and useful collection.
Among the recordings you’ll find rain and wind scenes which are rare to find in an immersive format, where the microphone(s) have to be out in the free air to get the enveloping experience. We have developed equipment to accomplish this. Listen for yourself –  because there’s nothing like standing in the middle of the rain without getting wet!

About the package

This is a Starter package featuring a selection of ambiences from the themed packages. You can typically find different versions of the same or similar scenes in the themed packages – along with these files. Now, we don’t want you to pay twice for the same material. Therefore, Starter packages earn you extra discount points towards purchasing the individual themed packages. The discount is credited to your account, if you create one, where you can always check your accumulated discount.

About the content

Nature is, in the Northern regions of the world, typically fairly quiet in the autumn and winter seasons – which you can hear in some of the exterior ambiences of this collection. But humans are not! That’s why you’ll hear more from us two-legged beings in the ambiences here.
The 50, highly realistic ambiences of Static Starter 1 are ready to serve as the canvas of your production. You can add narration, dialogue and action on top of these backgrounds – or use them on their own to put the listener in the right mood for what’s coming next.
What you get in this collection are scenes, not individual sound effects. However, many recordings (especially less dense scenes) contain single sounds that can be isolated and used on their own. Try it. When you find the right sound, the result can be very effective.


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1Domestic / InteriorCabin 'A'Domestic_Int_CabinA_kitchen_
Domestic, Interior, Cabin 'A', Roomtone: kitchen area of small wooden cabin in forest area, refrigerator humming,  creaks from woodwork, ZM-1-3E2:04Static
2Domestic / InteriorCabin 'A'Domestic_Int_CabinA_livingRoom_
Domestic, Interior, Cabin 'A', Roomtone: living room area of small wooden cabin in forest area, kitchen behind, rain on windows, refrigerator humming behind, creaks from woodwork, ZM-1-3E2:13Static
3Domestic / InteriorCabin 'A'Domestic_Int_CabinA_livingRoom_
Domestic, Interior, Cabin 'A', Roomtone: living room area of small wooden cabin in forest area, wind outside 10-12 m/s (22-27 mph) with storm force gusts, creaks from woodwork, ZM-1-3E3:34Static
4Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_bedroom_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', Roomtone: Bedroom, windy outside, occasional wind gusts, faint creaks, ZM-1-3E2:00Static
5Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_DISHWASHER_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', kitchen, DISHWASHER running through different stages, rumbling pumps, water, gurgling from sink, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0263.3:56Static
6Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_kitchen_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', Roomtone: kitchen, refrigerator running, a car passing outside, quiet, ZM-1-3E2:01Static
7Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_LivingRoom_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', Living room, medium distant thunder, intermittent rain on windows, ZM-1-3E2:00Static
8Domestic / InteriorHouse 'A'Domestic_Int_HouseA_WIND_kitchen_
Domestic, Interior, House 'A', kitchen, WIND, windy outside, window slightly open, violent swishing wind gusts up to 18 m/s (40 mph), flapping noises from outside, ZM-1-3E4:19Static
9Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park 'A'Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkA_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, general park atmosphere, near bumper cars, voices, adjacent rides, distant screams, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E5:42Static
10Leisure / ExteriorAmusement Park 'A'Leisure_Ext_AmusementParkA_
Leisure, Exterior, Amusement Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, traditional ROLLERCOASTER ride from arrival platform perspective, ride arriving, passengers exiting, ride passing, two rides,  screams, voices, footsteps,  Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:33Static
11Leisure / ExteriorSki Resort 'A'Leisure_Ext_SkiResortA_Wint_
Leisure, Exterior, Ski Resort 'A', Winter, button lift, by entrance to lift, lift engine, clinks from button seat arms, voices, skis, snow, snowmobile passing behind, very faint music, skiers arriving, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0287 and 0288.4:42Static
12Leisure / ExteriorSki Resort 'A'Leisure_Ext_SkiResortA_Wint_
Leisure, Exterior, Ski Resort 'A', Winter, button lift slope bottom, semi-distant button lift engine, distant chairlift engine, distant voices, skis, snow, skiers passing, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0293 and 0295.2:21Static
13Leisure / ExteriorTown 'A'Leisure_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior, town 'A', Autumn/Winter, playground with manual CABLE CAR, children and adult playing, riding cable car in front, climbing tower behind, shouting, birds, voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:25Static
14Leisure / ExteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_Ext_ZooA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior, Zoo 'A', Autumn/Winter, FLAMINGOS, other birds, distant hammering, aeroplane, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0200.2:34Static
15Leisure / ExteriorZoo 'A'Leisure_Ext_ZooA_AutmnWint_
Leisure, Exterior, Zoo 'A', Autumn/Winter, sparrows, kean, other birds, voices, distant children playing, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:25Static
16Leisure / InteriorConcert Room 'A'Leisure_Int_ConcertRoomA_
Leisure, Interior, Concert Room 'A', dry room, student’s concert, final long applause after concert, audience behind, then walla of voices, -6 dB, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0187-0190 and 0192.1:45Static
17Leisure / InteriorConcert Room 'A'Leisure_Int_ConcertRoomA_strings_
Leisure, Interior, Concert Room 'A', dry room, student’s concert, strings, tuning, preparation, audience voices behind, instrument noises, children, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0188-0192.2:22Static
18Leisure / InteriorHouse 'A'Leisure_Int_HouseA_
Leisure, Interior, House 'A', Children’s birthday, 6 year old, girls, playing, talking, unintelligible, laughing, shouting, walla, ZM-1-3E0:59Static
19Leisure / InteriorMuseum 'A'Leisure_Int_MuseumA_mainHall_
Leisure, Interior, Museum 'A', main hall ground floor, voices, walla, footsteps, children, busy, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0180.2:24Static
20Leisure / InteriorRestaurant 'A'Leisure_Int_RestaurantA_voices_
Leisure, Interior, Restaurant 'A', medium sized restaurant, voices (multiple languages), walla, plates, cutlery, footsteps, very faint background music, medium busy, ZM-1-3E. Can be used together with MPAA0183 via crossfade. Matches MPAA0185.3:05Static
21Leisure / InteriorShopping Centre 'A'Leisure_Int_ShoppingCentreA_
Leisure, Interior, Shopping Centre 'A', first floor, medium busy, footsteps, voices, children, very faint background music, ZM-1-3E3:11Static
22Leisure / InteriorSupermarket 'A'Leisure_Int_SupermarketA_
Leisure, Interior, Supermarket 'A', large supermarket, at checkout, checkout beeps, busy, voices (multiple languages), handling noises, shopping carts, ZM-1-3E2:42Static
23Nature / ExteriorBeach 'B'Nature_Ext_BeachB_AutmnWint_beach_
Nature, Exterior, Beach 'B', Autumn/Winter, ocean, approx. 40 meters from water edge, fairly large waves, roar, distant voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:02Static
24Nature / ExteriorBeach 'C'Nature_Ext_BeachC_AutmnWint_
Nature, Exterior, Beach 'C', Autumn/Winter, at water edge, small waves, foam, distant seagulls, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:24Static
25Nature / ExteriorField 'C'Nature_Ext_FieldC_AutmnWint_field_
Nature, Exterior, Field 'C', Autumn/Winter, distant traffic, soft rustling leaves, few birds, distant aeroplane, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:28Static
26Nature / ExteriorForest 'A'Nature_Ext_ForestA_AutmnWint_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'A', Autumn/Winter, small STREAM, aeroplane passing, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:15Static
27Nature / ExteriorForest 'B' Nature_Ext_ForestB_AutmnWint_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'B', light wind gusts in treetops, conifer area, birds, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0257and 0258.3:59Static
28Nature / ExteriorForest 'B' Nature_Ext_ForestB_AutmnWint_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'B', medium RAIN, few birds, distant traffic, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:07Static
29Nature / ExteriorForest 'C' Nature_Ext_ForestC_AutmnWint_WIND_
Nature, Exterior, Forest 'C', gale force WIND (15 m/s, 33 mph) with storm gusts (up to 23 m/s, 51 mph) in treetops, conifer area, rustling leaves, faint birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0317.4:13Static
30Nature / ExteriorPark 'A'Nature_Ext_ParkA_AutmnWint_ROOKS_
Nature, Exterior, Park 'A', Autumn/Winter, lots of ROOKS above, faint aeroplane, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:14Static
31Occupational / InteriorWork place 'A'Occupat_Int_workPlaceA_office_
Occupational, Interior, work place 'A', medium sized office, people talking, laughing, voices, walla, ZM-1-3E1:51Static
32Transportation / ExteriorTrain Station 'B'Transport_Ext_TrainStC_AutmnWint_
Transportation, Exterior, Train Station 'C', Autumn/Winter, platform, voices, faint footsteps, distant church bells, distant electronic check-in chimes, train arriving and departing behind, diesel train passing in front, -3 dB, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0153.2:04Static
33Transportation / InteriorBusTransport_Int_Bus_busDoors_voices_
Transportation, Interior, Bus, bus ride 2 stops, bus doors opening and closing, beeps, check-in chimes, baby babbling, voices, footsteps, ZM-1-3E2:38Static
34Transportation / InteriorCar 'A'Transport_Int_CarA_mixedDriving_
Transportation, Interior, Car 'A', Toyota Auris, getting into car, fastening seat belt, starting engine, driving in city, going onto motorway, ending at approx. 120 km/h (75 mph), wet roads, windshield wipers, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0035-39 with crossfade.3:08Static / Action
35Transportation / InteriorElectric trainTransport_Int_ElectricTrain_
Transportation, Interior, Electric Train, 3-stop ride in quiet compartment, sliding door, door beeps, sniffing, newspaper rattling, voices, faint music from smartphone earbuds, ZM-1-3E. This recording is not directly loopable but can be looped with a crossfade.5:49Static
36Transportation / InteriorFerry 'A'Transport_Int_FerryA_seatingArea_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'A', high-speed ferry, seating area, engine rumble, voices, children, busy, walla, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0100.2:29Static
37Transportation / InteriorFerry 'B'Transport_Int_FerryB_taxFreeShop_
Transportation, Interior, Ferry 'B', large high-speed ferry, tax free shop liquor section, voices (multiple languages), bottles clinking, engine rumble, children, footsteps, announcement (unintelligible), ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0325 and 0326.1:55Static
38Transportation / InteriorMetro Station 'B'Transport_Int_MetroStB_
Transportation, Interior, Metro Station 'B', platform hall, trains arriving and departing, electronic check-in chimes, voices, footsteps, announcement (unintelligible), ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0125 and 0128.2:08Static
39Urban / ExteriorCity 'A'Urban_Ext_CityA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'A', Autumn/Winter, city centre square, footsteps, voices, walla, buses, mopeds, busy,  pedestrians mainly pass L-R behind and vehicles in front, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:54Static
40Urban / ExteriorCity 'A'Urban_Ext_CityA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'A', Autumn/Winter, pedestrian street, footsteps, voices, busy, two church bell strikes, pedestrians pass in F-B perspective, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:15Static
41Urban / ExteriorCity 'A'Urban_Ext_CityA_AutmnWint_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'A', Autumn/Winter, medium sized street, medium TRAFFIC, cars passing in F-B perspective, pedestrians, voices, dog, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:53Static
42Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_AutmnWint_TRAFFIC_
Urban, Exterior, City 'B', Autumn/Winter, major road into city, near traffic light, busy TRAFFIC (relaxing when red light), bicycles, footsteps, birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E. Matches MPAA0195.1:56Static
43Urban / ExteriorCity 'B'Urban_Ext_CityB_AutmnWint_WIND_
Nature, Exterior, City 'B', gale force WIND (13 m/s1, 29 mph) with short violent gusts (up to 20 m/s, 45 mph) in residential area street, rustling leaves, leaves flying down the street, faint wind chimes, flagpole cord whipping, cars, pedestrians, voices, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E4:13Static
44Urban / ExteriorCity 'C'Urban_Ext_CityC_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, City 'C', Autumn/Winter, small inner city street, evening, voices (multiple languages), footsteps, bicycles, cars, distant background music, fairly quiet, evening, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:23Static
45Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Autumn/Winter, Garden 'A', front garden, New Year’s Eve, FIREWORKS both close and distant, very busy, -35 dB, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:02Static
46Urban / ExteriorGarden 'A'Urban_Ext_GardenA_AutmnWint_RAIN_
Urban, Exterior, Garden 'A', Autumn/Winter, RAIN medium to upper medium, back garden, rain drumming on garage roof above, quiet, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:26Static
47Urban / ExteriorHarbour 'A'Urban_Ext_HarbourA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Harbour 'A', Autumn/Winter, waves, distant cars, faint voices, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E2:13Static
48Urban / ExteriorPark 'B'Urban_Ext_ParkB_AutmnWint_walla_
Urban, Exterior, Park 'B', Autumn/Winter, voices, walla, football playing, children, distant few birds, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E3:56Static
49Urban / ExteriorTown 'A'Urban_Ext_TownA_AutmnWint_
Urban, Exterior, Town 'A', Autumn/Winter, church square, close CHURCH BELLS, cars, voices, footsteps, Northern Europe, ZM-1-3E1:53Static
50Urban / InteriorCity 'A'Urban_Int_CityA_carPark_cars_doors_
Urban, Interior, City 'A', interior car park, various gasoline and diesel cars, car doors, engine stops and starts, voices and noises, cars pass in L-R perspective, ZM-1-3E3:33Static
Total duration:2:20:38


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