Below you’ll find standard rates in EUR for services provided by Munk Productions, except in the
case of voice-overs which are priced per-unit.
Some projects are best negotiated as a whole (fixed price); this is evaluated on a project-by-project

Work provided utilising Munk Productions studio facilities are labelled “In studio”. If you need
external services, e.g. technical assistance in your own facilities, look at the “External” rate.

If you would like a quote for a specific job, please contact us.

Service In studio External
Composition 60,00 47,00
Arrangement 60,00 47,00
Mix 60,00 47,00
Production 60,00 47,00
Full production Contact Contact
Service In studio External
Generic editing 60,00 47,00
TV post production 60,00 47,00
Service In studio External
Voice-over, local TV/radio 40,00 40,00
Voice-over, national TV/radio 265,00 265,00
Voice-over, world-wide (web) 199,00 199,00
Vocal editing/production 60,00 47,00
Voice-over recording/editing 60,00 47,00
Service In studio External
Lecturing - 106,00
Consultancy - 106,00